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Social Confidence When Incontinent

Many people who try to overcome the challenges of incontinence are individuals with jobs, outside interests, and active social life. Incontinence does not only affect the elderly, the sick, the disabled. Statistics show that incontinence is a problem that affects people of all ages, health problems, and both sexes. And it can be a social life, public belief, and more in the way.

When people are diagnosed with incontinence, they often feel overwhelmed and think they will be forced to stay indoors to deal with their incontinence. Good news is not necessary. There are many different incontinence products and supplies that can help a person stay socially active because they want to be careful and comfortable. Whether the person is at work, with friends, at the gym or something.

Understanding factors to consider can aid in product selection and can help address common causes of social awkwardness for an asymptomatic person.

Choosing the Right Incontinence Underwear – Gone are the days when someone with incontinence only had heavy adult diapers to choose from. Today, people with incontinence can opt for incontinence underwear in different styles. However, to be safe in social situations, it is important to choose an incontinence product that will protect you from leaks and painful accidents. The incontinence underwear available today comes in a variety of absorbers and sizes. This is especially important for those who are on the small or large side of the scale. There is no need to have incontinence underwear that fits judiciously and snugly under your clothes, but still gives you the protection and confidence you deserve.

Odor Control – One of the many problems faced by people with incontinence is odor. If you want to be socially confident, you don’t want to worry about the smell. Manufacturers of modern incontinence products know this and many have built odor protection into their incontinence underwear. It is also important to keep your skin clean. Plan to change often to reduce the risk of being noticed. There are other steps in incontinence that can be taken to reduce the odor, including but not limited to: drinking plenty of fluids (including cranberry juice), taking pills, or taking extra vitamin C. If the odor persists, see your doctor. Professional to control bladder or urinary tract infections.

Be prepared – It is important to be prepared if you want to continue social activities and manage your incontinence. You may never leave home without incontinence products. In addition to changing, also apply extra incontinence. Take the time to find a toilet wherever you go. You can check the toilet online several times before going to a particular place. This will help you know where to go if you need to get to a toilet quickly.